Add To Your Game – LDB Plugins

Having discussed LDB display bars a bit in the last article, we’re going to get a bit more in-depth about LDB plug-ins today. Please note that, even though all of these plug-ins install as, and behave like, their own add-ons, they are merely plug-ins and so require a display bar to use.

Once again, there are hundreds of choices for plug-ins out there. Many of them even offer the same functionality as competing add-ons, so if you aren’t quite happy with the plug-in you’ve found, keep looking and you may just find something you like better.  There are add-ons for just about everything under the sun. Some add-ons you install will have an LDB plug-in as part of the package, but if it doesn’t, then a good step to find one is to try a search for the add-on’s name preceded by the word broker and an underscore. For example: Recount’s broker plug-in is Broker_Recount.

There are all sorts of plug-ins like Recount’s that basically just give you a quick shortcut to your favorite add-ons’ display and options panels. While these are all very handy, I’m going to focus today’s article on those select few plug-ins that offer you some sort of new and unique functionality.

Broker: Cashflow: This handy plug-in was based on (i.e. is basically a clone of) MoneyFu for FuBar. This is the gold information plug-in I was referring to in the previous article about the display bar. This allows you to view gold on all of your characters and gives you a total gold tally. You can view gold for the session, hour,day, week, and month both individually and per toon, plus as a total across all toons. You can also track other currencies (such as justice points, honor points, and champion’s seals). If all of that sounds like too much to keep track of, don’t worry: it’s customizable to track only what you want to track. IMO, it’s an absolute must-have for anyone who likes tracking their personal cashflow.

Broker_Garbage: This little beauty is great for those who like to live the life of luxury. Tired of individually clicking your trash to sell it? Never fear, Broker Garbage is here to save the day! That is to say, when you open up a vendor this plug-in will automatically sell all of the gray (“vendor trash”) items in your bag and tell you how much money you got for it. But wait, there’s more! It can also be used to automatically repair broken gear when the vendor is also a repairer. Once again, the add-on is customizable to be able to sell more/less than the default and to turn the auto-repair on or off. If you’re a little wary of just letting the add-on do its own thing, you can set it up to merely grey out the items it would like to sell, but it won’t sell them unless/until you click a button it provides to you.

All of the grayed-out items are trash. They will be sold as soon as I click on the orange arrow button in the lower-left corner of the vendor window.

Fubar2Broker: If there is some FuBar plug-in that you are having trouble finding a replacement for, this handy little plug-in may help you bridge the gap. What it does is allow your FuBar plug-ins to be displayed on your broker display bar. It’s not a perfect solution in that not all FuBar plug-ins will work and some that do work may require a little bit of simple file editing (to remove FuBar from the plug-in’s dependencies list, for example) but when it works it works pretty well.

I know this is a pretty basic list, but there are hundreds more out there. If there is some aspect you want to modify with your new LDB set-up, there’s probably a plug-in. I know there are experience, reputation, friends list, and spellbook plug-ins out there, just to name a few. Go ahead, just search for what you want: you may end up pleasantly surprised.


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