Add To Your Game – Bagnon

Our second installment of Add to Your Game is something that will be much more universally helpful. Today we’ll be discussing bag replacement add-ons.  A bag replacement add-on is a tool to help you manage your bags and inventory by replacing the default bag interface with something more robust or intuitive. I’m not somebody who usually gets into brand wars about which add-on is better than another.

There are dozens of bag replacement add-ons out there: Onebag, Baudbag, Bagnon, Combuctor, TBag, ArkInventory, etc. I don’t care which one you use, just pick the one that fits you best. I do recommend that you get one, though, because the default bag interface leaves much to be desired. I personally use Bagnon and it suits my needs. There are others out there that are more or less complex so there’s something for everyone. For the rest of the article I’ll be talking about Bagnon. Don’t take this to mean that *only* Bagnon has these features or that Bagnon does these features better/faster than some other addon. I am merely talking about Bagnon because that is what I have the most experience using.

Bagnon is pretty basic as far as bag management/replacement addons go. Despite that, however, it is still feature-rich and does pretty much anything that your average player will want it to do.

One of the coolest features about Bagnon is that it allows you to open up all of your bags in one panel.

Like this.

That isn’t the only thing it does, however. That telescope icon at the top is a search feature. It allows you to type in the name of an item you are looking for in your bags and the add-on greys out all non-matching entries, allowing you to quickly find that item you need. The backpack icon is your bag control function. You can show/hide different bags as desired. Additionally, it allows you to view the contents of your bank regardless of your location (unfortunately no add-on will let you actually interact with the bank from a distance).  Impressed? Wait, there’s more. You can view the bags and bank of any of your characters on the server, too. Yeah, you can see if your tailor has any extra cloth in his bank without switching over to look. Nice, huh? Finally, it has a ton of options that allow you to change the way the panel appears (like its size and shape).

If you’re sick of the limitations of the default bag interface you might give Bagnon (or some other bag replacement) a try. You will probably be pleasantly surprised. The single-panel bag frame alone is worth the download, IMO. The rest is just icing on the cake.


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