Add To Your Game – Level Buddy

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first-ever edition of Add to Your Game, a new, non-scheduled article about WoW Add-Ons.

This probably isn’t the most logical order to go in, because this add-on isn’t something that will be useful for everyone. However, I was very excited to have found this add-on (well, my sister found it, actually) because it solved a problem we’ve been having since the shattering. My sister and I level together quite often. If you often level with a guildmate or a friend or whatever, this is an add-on that you may well find useful.

Ever since the change to node-gathering (as in it now gives you XP – read: a LOT of XP) we had found ourselves asking each other “what’s your xp?” about every 20-30 seconds as we tried to gather nodes we came across without massively outdistancing one another with all the bonus XP from herbing. The bonus might seem nice when you’re leveling solo, but I tell you, it’s turned gathering while leveling from a no-brainer into an absolute nightmare when you’re trying to stay in sync with a leveling partner.

The add-on that takes the edge off of this frustration is called Level Buddy – Share XP With Friends (or just Level Buddy, if you’re lazy like I am), and as the name suggests, it allows you to show your current xp to your leveling buddy, assuming that he also has the add-on installed. The add-on puts a little color-coded marker on your xp bar, denoting where your current xp is (there is a different marker for each person running the add-on in your party). When you mouse-over the marker it tells you that player’s current XP, level, and percentage of XP.

Here you can see the white marker denoting my character and the mouseover tooltip. If I were in a group with another player, there would be a second colored marker to indicate that player.

At any rate, it’s very handy for those, like my sister and me, who like leveling together in pairs (or groups).  If you have a leveling buddy, then you’ll both want to give Level Buddy a try. I think you’ll like it.


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