Fight Your Own Battles

Or, maybe, don’t be a complete jack-ass? My sister and I were leveling in Blasted Lands today and after a tab-targeting error we ended up tagging a mob that a horde pally was running toward. My sister immediately did the /sorry emote, but this guy was having no part of that. He ran around trying to tag stuff before we could (and failed) and then flagged himself for PVP and followed us around spamming /taunt, /chicken, and /bringit. I tried to warn him to bugger off by shooting /shoo his way a few times but once again he was having nothing to do with that. He kept following us around and spamming his emotes.  Finally, my sister reaches her boiling point and says “Do you want to just rape his face?” So I hit charge and we pwned him. Hard. I’m not sure what he was expecting to accomplish by challenging 2 players to combat, but he got what was coming to him. Pallies may be OP in some situations, but not *that* OP, and certainly not against a prot warrior, let alone one with a mage behind him. IMO, a well-played prot warrior is an absolute beast in PVP.

So, anyway, my sister and I decide to hit IF and train up and do some profession work while the flag wears off in case he had some higher-level help around. Sure enough, when we hearth back in a few minutes later, an 80 priest is waiting for us and follows us around for a bit. I don’t know for sure that the pally called for help or that the 80 priest was hoping for us to get flagged, or even if it was the same guy toon-hopping, but come on. If you don’t want your butt handed to you at PVP, how about you don’t go berserk and challenge 2 people from the same guild at the same time? Hiding behind an 80 is just sad. I seriously hope that’s not what he was doing.

Anybody else have a run-in with somebody so unbalanced that you just wish you knew wtf was going on in their head? I would have paid good money to see his face when we finally said enough is enough and attacked him. I mean, really, it was 2 on 1 and he knew that going in; what did he *think* was going to happen?


3 thoughts on “Fight Your Own Battles

  1. Seriously…

    I mean if they tagged my target multiple times and obviously on purpose, they might get a rude gesture from me, but I have better things to do with my time than follow someone around. LAAME.

  2. I play on a PVP server and have had very little trouble with that. Aside from the obvious ganking that happens in STV, I’ve only ever had one bad experience. It was when a level 80 horde Hunter ganked me and then corpse camped me for about half and hour while I was leveling my warrior in the Badlands. I managed to escape from him after about 5 or 6 deaths by being sneaky.

    In this case, it sounds like your Horde Paladin friend is just a jerk. Those sorts of things happen, and you should just shrug them off and move on with your questing. Personally, I think you showed too much restraint and should have just killed him as soon as he started to try and grief you.

    • Well, I generally don’t engage in PVP and never play on a PVP server. I understand that accidental flagging happens and don’t put much stock in the “if it’s red it’s dead” mentality. If somebody is making a nuisance of himself I’m ok with showing him why being a jerk is a bad idea, but I don’t go out of my way looking for fights. I was hoping he’d vent his frustration and move on of his own free will, but he apparently had no intention of doing that.
      Maybe I’m just projecting nastiness onto people, but it seems to me that a lot of people who don’t have the guts/skill to hack it on a PVP server hit PVE servers and run around trying to create PVP situations. Just yesterday my sister got auto-flagged while herbing (she ran through a phased horde quest hub that looked to be a bare patch of land). Sure enough, with about 90 seconds of the flag left, an 85 mage chases her down even though he had to mount up 3 times to catch up with her (she kept riding out of range while he was casting). I can’t help but think he’d be far less brave if his opponent was a little closer to his level (she was 64, he was 85). It kind of makes me wish that dishonorable kills were still in the game, even if only as a debuff that marks your shame.
      Anyway, thanks for commenting. Hope to see you around.

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