Hallow’s End is Here!

Hallow’s End is easily one of my favorite WoW holidays. No surprise, seeing as Halloween is one of my favorite real-life holidays. That being said, it’s been really hard to get into the spirit this year because of all the bugs. The pumpkin to summon the boss crashes the client for at least half of all people who click it. Oh, and in my experience, anyway, if you crash in the instance you’ll crash again when you try to leave. I’m sorry, but 2+ crashes per run is unacceptable. This turns what should be a nice quick ~45 second battle into 5 minutes of annoyance as your client freezes repeatedly, forcing you to ctrl-alt-delete and try again.

I’m hoping these bugs get fixed soon, but seeing as how such an obvious bug had to have been caught during beta testing and Blizzard didn’t bother to fix it, I’m not holding my breath. It’s not just the pumpkin, btw. It’s any clickable/interactable object. Flags, portals, lance racks: basically anything you click to interact with it, it has a chance to crash your client. Blizzard felt that this sort of bug was acceptable for a live release and included it with patch 4.0.1. GG, Blizz.

Whether or not this gets fixed, I’m going to try to slog my way through getting the title on all4 of my remaining characters. Normally I just go for 3 per holiday, but since I only have 4 left I figured I’d just finish it off. Anyway, good luck with avoiding crashes, and try to enjoy the holiday, anyway.

Happy Hallow’s End, everyone!


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