Starting to Return to Normal

It’s taken longer than even I expected, but I’m starting to get everything back in line after the massive patch. Still plenty to do, but I’ve gotten the bulk of the reforging and respeccing out of the way and I at least have an idea of who needs what gear to be re-gemmed and re-enchanted, even if I don’t have the materials to do it all right now. I’ve run at least one dungeon on several toons and for the most part it doesn’t seem like the changes were as big as they appeared to have been initially. Most of the changes to the spells and such were for the better. I’m digging on my more streamlined action bars.

I’m really missing some of my add-ons, but I’m trying to be patient. Programmers are people, too, after all. I’m always astonished by the reaction of some players when an add-on doesn’t work immediately after a patch. No, they are not made by Blizzard. They are made by players just like you, who have other demands on their time, and the software they make is provided free of charge. The least we can do in return for this generosity is, oh, I don’t know how about just refrain from cursing at them? Seriously, people. Reality check time.


2 thoughts on “Starting to Return to Normal

  1. Yes, I’ve missed those two, especially. I was always glad to see DagAssist come back. Although quite different now than its previous incarnation, it’s still a handy way to save action bar space for those spells/abilities you only use on occasion (like professions, hearthstones, etc.).

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