Anybody have a crib sheet?

As expected, the new patch hit yesterday and it brought with it a ton of changes that have left me feeling dazed and confused. In one day I’ve gone from being a veritable walking encyclopedia of knowledge to being an utter and complete noob and the feeling is more than a little disorienting. What does this new spell do? Where’d that spell go? Where should my talent points go? How do I play this strange, new toon?

You want to know how this patch has made me feel? Well, try taking your feelings on the changes to your main toon and multiply it by ten classes. Ready? Now add dual-spec to the equation. That’s how lost I am. To make matters worse, my usual method of study, study, study won’t work: there simply aren’t enough resources out there to let me cram for this quiz. It’s going to take me the better part of 2 days just to fix all of my action bars, to say nothing of replacing a lot of now-worthless gear, filling/replacing glyph slots, and trying to put some talent points somewhere even if not an optimal spec. I’m trying not to sound too whiny about it: after all, most of this wasn’t entirely unexpected. However, I’m left with the unpleasant feeling that all of my practice before the fact has left me ill-prepared for the reality of the situation. The snippets I managed to gather were a handful of pieces in an enormous jigsaw puzzle. Now that all the pieces are scattered across the table I can see just how little I knew before.

Until next time, guys, have fun exploring the new game and I’ll be trying my best to do the same. Oh, and if anybody should happen to have a cheat sheet, pass it this way, and don’t worry about who sees you. Getting caught up is worth a little detention. 😉


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