Pretty Good Day…

Sunday’s raid was a really nice surprise. Apparently Saturday’s raid (which I missed, owing to work) didn’t go very well (i.e. wipefest) and so they decided to forego Sunday’s alt run in the hopes of making some progress during the weekend. And boy did we ever make some progress!

We downed the Blood Queen, and since I got bitten mere moments before she went down I managed to pick up Once Bitten, Twice Shy – something I never counted on seeing on a healer. Oh, and did I mention we got her down on the first try?

We then moved on to Professor Putricide. Again, he went down on the first attempt. This finished off the plague wing and gave everyone the achievement for the wing. As a suicide first it was a really exciting moment.

We finished off the day wiping on Sindragosa, but we were making slow, painful, but steady progress, getting her to 17 or below on each attempt by the end. With a little more phase 3 practice I think we’ll be sitting at 11/12 and squaring off against the LK himself soon. I can’t wait.


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