End of the Line

Finally got my shaman to 80 yesterday afternoon. It’s kind of exciting to have finally completed what had, at one time, seemed a nearly impossible goal. Though it took nearly two years I now have an 80 of every class on my main server. What this has done, more than anything, though, is illuminated just how much I am not done with leveling alts. I enjoy leveling (even moreso now that there is the LFD tool and heirloom gear, etc.). Sadly, I have no more room left to level on my main server, which has made me pretty sad.

I’m not sure what I’ll do now. Random dungeons/gearing up only takes so long and gets boring quickly, especially when the random queues stick you in the same dungeon repeatedly. I once queued on 6 different toons and ended up visiting only 3 different dungeons between them (2x DTK, 2x Oculus, and 2xHoS). For now I may start a new server just to test the waters regarding how well that will work as a solution to my full server problem. I’m not sure yet what sort of a long-term solution will present itself, if there is one at all. What I do know is that I can’t afford any solution that involves throwing $25 per toon in the wastebasket.


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