Noob Wars Episode 6: Return of the Failpug

I had a bit of free time today after a long, wild rollercoaster of leveling the shaman (now 75, btw), because my sister had to go to bed early, whereas I did not. To pass the time I had intended to do a rather long list of tedious, boring, or otherwise unfun things, but there were a bunch of Tigers in the Suicide channel so I answered the call to ride the heroics train, instead. I got lots of assorted badges on various toons, but the price of this string of heroics was dealing with random puggers.

Highlights of the day include:

  • 2 dps who had never heard of the laser  in Halls of Stone (during the Brann event). Despite my warning (before the event even started) to watch for the big, shiny laser-beam with the loud and pulsing circle of fire on the end of it (because I can’t heal through it on my druid), they both managed to die to it.
  • A horribly undergeared tank who was sporting 524 defense. Thankfully, I wasn’t healing during this run. The most annoying part of this run was how she kept insisting that she couldn’t help her gear because she was a fresh 80 and it was “as good as it can be without running heroics.”  I’m sorry, but this just sent me to the moon. 20k health and non-capped on defense is nowhere near “the best it can be without running heroics.”  All of my tanks had roughly 28k HP (self-buffed) and were def-capped BEFORE ever running a heroic (or a level-80 regular, for that matter). She had no enchants or enhancements and no professions of any kind. None. Nada. Zilch. I almost felt bad. Almost. When my healer friend mentioned getting def-capped and getting some enchants, the tank was defensive about “not wasting enchants” on her crappy gear and how she was “trying” so  the deaths (wipes) weren’t her fault. I’m sorry, but if you refuse to meet the bare minimums of your role you aren’t exactly trying very hard, and if your gear is too crappy to “waste” an enchant on, it’s for damn sure not good enough to tank a heroic in. All the while the other puggers were telling her how awesome she was doing at tanking while my healer friend spammed her fastest heal non-stop because 2 hits or a crit will pretty much kill the tank (one crit took her below 5% when we wiped). “See? She didn’t die! She’s fine.” Except that getting carried by a talented healer and some good luck doesn’t make you fine. Now, don’t get me wrong, she had her rotation down and was quick to react. She had the *makings* of a good tank. But gear is the other half of the equation, and she simply didn’t have what she needed. Nobody was expecting full t9 out of her, but we can, should, and did expect a defense-capped tank. We just didn’t get one.
  • A complete fail warlock who kept pulling things and nearly dieing during a DTK run. If not for my friend and I bailing him out repeatedly he’d have spent 90% of the run on the ground. By “kept pulling things” I mean, that while the group was in one corner fighting 3-4 mobs he’d run to another corner and aggro something else.
  • The return of the fail lock, who kept turning up like a bad penny. This time on completely different toons, my friend and I get stuck in HoS again. Once again, I warn the group of the dangers of standing in pulsing beams of death. Once again, the fail dps bathe in its ear-shattering glory. The warlock was stupid enough to life-tap while standing in said laser. This time, on my priest, I managed to heal through it, though I was sorely tempted to just let him die. *sigh* Sometimes I’m too nice for my own good.

On the plus side:

  • Hunter got his t9 helm and picked up the 2-piece set bonus.
  • Rogue got his first piece of t9.
  • Rogue got enough rep with Ebon Blade to pick up the i200 chest from the rep vendor.

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