Alt Run

So our little group has gotten together enough alts that we can pretty much do 2 runs each week, so that’s what we decided to do. Our mains will be using an extended raid lockout that we’ll use to face the later bosses on Saturdays, while our alts will face a fresh new one on Sundays.  That way we don’t have to count on people to show up for both days, just one or the other.

At long last I got to bring my mage to an ICC run and it was loads of fun. We had some pretty good momentum going, as we downed the entire instance up to Rotface without a wipe. We never did quite get Rotface down, owing, I think, mostly to bad luck.  Still, all in all, a very good day: I got my first rep ring, nabbed the sweet caster offhand from Deathwhisper and got 3 achievements out of the deal. Lots of other people got new gear, too, and there was a general air of excitement about the whole thing. Lots of us were getting to do different roles and that was nice, too. I love healing, really I do, but it’s nice to be able to do some dps for a change of pace now and then.

It was a nice moment when the new healers gave some love to the healing team of the main raid, citing that they were impressed that we could make it look easy to 2-heal fights that were giving them fits with three healers. We were quick to point out that it took a lot of gear and a lot of practice to get there, and that we all started out 3-healing the fights, too. There was another touching moment in Vent after raid when I forgot to sign out of Vent and overheard the raid leader discussing alts with one of the raiders. She mentioned that I play well on both the priest and paladin and that she was impressed at how smoothly the transition from priest to paladin was within the raid and that she hoped to be able to do that going from her shaman to her druid. I was sincerely flattered at this bit of unsolicited praise, made perhaps more flattering by the fact that it wasn’t intended as a compliment directly to me, so much as just a statement to a friend (i.e. she was using me as an example or benchmark of good/versatile healing). It was really nice to hear.


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