Alts Updates

  • The Mage is practically complete. I’d like to get an Engraved Gargoyle Femur from HPoS and a wand from badges, but otherwise his gear is pretty much as good as it can get without raiding.
  • The Warlock is almost done. He needs a couple solid trinkets and I’ll probably pick up the badge ring and wand just for a lack of other options, but he’s had good luck with drops while badge farming and is looking really solid. I’ve even got some of those crafted 245 wrists for him that I haven’t bothered to equip yet because I didn’t have the gem to stick in it.
  • The Druid is coming along nicely. I’ve gotten the Idol for my ranged slot and my first tier piece (the helm) and have had some pretty good luck with drops and crafted gear to fill my other slots.  Although he’s nowhere near ICC-ready, he’s holding his own during the weekly, even though he’s only just now officially geared enough for Ulduar (it’s barely in the yellow *after* I replaced my helm, weapon, pants, and gloves ). I’m having a lot of fun with the tree, and I think most of my early rough patches were a combination of inexperience and gear rather than any serious shortcoming of the druid class.
  • The Warrior is just getting started, but I’m pleased so far. I bought the 245 ranged item first, simply because this was the only way I would be getting an upgrade at that slot. It’ll be awhile before I can buy another badge piece, but there are plenty of upgrades available as drops in all those heroics between now and then.
  • I’ve run a couple dungeons on my hunter just for badges and rep and I’m looking forward to being able to start working on his gear. I’ve nabbed an upgrade or two, but his gear is still pretty sad.
  • I’ve run enough dungeons (and done enough rep quests) that I was finally able to replace my rogue’s Savage Cobalt Slicers with some 200 blue rep weapons. Not a perfect itemization, but still an upgrade over the lowbie weapons I had. I’m now working on the quest chain to unlock the Sons of Hodir faction and doing whatever other rep dailies I can, in the hopes of nabbing some decent upgrades from vendors, since I think my dungeon time on the rogue will be somewhat limited.

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