A Weekly Dose of Etiquette

So, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, especially a Dose of Etiquette, but this weekend has inspired (read: annoyed) me to action. This week’s tip is something I feel really strongly about. I can’t believe it even needs to be said, but here goes…

If you sign up, show up.

No, seriously. I know I’ve said it about two million times in previous posts. I know I’ll probably have to say it again. I thought we had gotten past this point in our raids, but apparently not. There are still people that sign up as “Accepted” that then don’t show up. I know that emergencies and/or accidents happen on occasion. I’ve overslept before. It happens. But it doesn’t happen 3 weeks in a row. Not if you’re making a serious commitment about showing up.

Some people might think it’s hypocritical of me to point this out, seeing as how I’ve missed all but a small handful of the raids in the last 2 months. I’ll explain the difference: I never said I’d be there. If I was ever unsure about my attendance I would put “Tentative” and change it to either “Accepted” or “Declined” as soon as I could. That’s really all a reasonable raid leader can expect of you, and it’s not so hard, but let me break it down.

The calendar invite is basically a simple question: Will you be there?

The options you have to respond with are equally simple. Yes (Accept), No (Decline), Maybe (Tentative). That’s what it all boils down to. If you say “yes, I will be there” and then *don’t* show up, it had better be a rare occasion or you’ll find yourself quickly losing credibility (and friends, most likely). Don’t be that guy.

So, yeah, maybe I’m just moaning about something trivial. But I’ll tell you what. It’s a big let-down that when I finally get to spend a full weekend raiding – the first full weekend I’ve had available in over two months – I have to spend Sunday running randoms instead of raiding. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun in those randoms. I got lots of gear, rep, and emblems from those runs. I even got to work on some toons that had been feeling neglected. But what I wanted to do was take down the Blood Princes and take a shot at one of the wing bosses. I can run randoms any old time. Raiding is special.


One thought on “A Weekly Dose of Etiquette

  1. Agreed. As a raid leader in a casual raiding guild, nothing is more annoying than that person who always accepts the invite but never shows. If it gets bad enough, their sign ups immediately get booted to “Standby”. If they happen to show up and I happen to have room for them, good. If they don’t show, I’m not depending on them. If they show and I don’t have room, so sorry.

    Yes, WoW is a game, but raiding is more like a team sport. You can’t play a game if half your football/basketball/baseball/insertsporthere team is missing.

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