New Tank’s First Heroic

I gathered a group of friends and ran my first heroic dungeon on the warrior. It was Culling of Stratholme, and although I was a bit worried (it gave me fits as a starting healer) everything seemed to go along more or less okay. I nabbed a few upgrades and things went well enough that the group decided I should run Heroic Forge of Souls. The only problem was that I wasn’t geared enough to use the dungeon finder. So everyone flew out while I enchanted and gemmed my new upgrades. Fortunately, the two upgrades boosted me enough that I could queue for the dungeon finder because some of my friends had to bail. This left me running only my second heroic ever on the warrior, up front as the tank, and it’s one of the supposedly more-challenging heroics. So, no pressure, right?

Well, as it turns out, the healer friend that pushed me into it was right about me being ready. Everything went just fine and I even got a few compliments, especially after the dps friend mentioned that this was my second heroic. All in all a good, solid, first outing on the warrior. I had fun, and I felt more comfortable tanking on the warrior than any other tank so far. I think the warrior may well be a staple in my random dungeon running repertoire.


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