Tiny Tank Is All Grown Up

I needed to unwind after a long days work and I couldn’t find much else to do, so I decided to do some leveling… and I just got in the zone and sped my way to 80 with surprising ease. So, yeah, ding 80! Hurray! Or something. I’m totally excited about having a new 80 and in a different role, to boot. On the other hand, aside from maybe some ToC5/ICC5 regular farming I’m not looking forward to the long, slow, and repetitive gearing process. *Yawn.* Also, I feel kind of bad that this is my 9th level 80 on the server and my only remaining toon to level is in reserve to level as a pair with my sister. It’s kind of sad that this server is pretty much dead for me, leveling-wise, because I do so love leveling and I’ve poured so much time and effort into the server. It kind of sucks that the only thing left to do is gear grinding.

So anyway, I dinged 80, trained myself up, got my sister out of bed (sorry, sis) to make me some glyphs and jewelry and voila! Fresh 80 (as in less than an hour at 80, and never having run a single heroic) I’m defense-capped for heroics (currently sitting at 537, but should be at 542 and raid-capped as soon as I get those last 5 points of natural defense from being in combat) and sitting at right around 28k health self-buffed (that is with my shout, food buff, and elixir buff).  So.. um, yeah. Totally through with feeling bad about undergeared tanks. I may not be the best-geared tank ever (I didn’t buy any of the 226 or 245 crafted gear) but it’s certainly possible to be heroic-ready as a fresh 80, and so I don’t see much reason not to be if you’re at all serious about tanking.


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