First Northrend Dungeon

I just did my first random Northrend Dungeon – Nexus – on my lil’ warrior tank and it went pretty well, I think. As usual there was a rough pull or two and a couple times I made a mistake in my “rotation” (overlapping CDs that shouldn’t be overlapped, for example), but nobody died and the healer only had to stop to drink once, plus I recognized the instant I made a goof in my rotation that I had done so, so I’m going to take that as a sign that overall things went pretty well. I even got a few comments (and a thank you from the healer) for having such a large health pool. Apparently the “average” tank of the early 70s has roughly 12-13k HP fully buffed, or 15k, if you’re lucky, whereas I was just shy of 20k (at level 71). At any rate, while there is some room to grow, I think I’m off to a good start.

Getting a few emblems so early feels good, but the quest rewards from doing the dungeon quests are just plain awesome. I nabbed an upgrade in 3 slots from quests, and all I can say is “if they thought I was beefy before, they should see me now.” Armor, defense, stamina: it all went up. Significantly. I can’t wait for level 74, when I’ll be getting another big bump in gear from crafted items.

Anyway, I’m pleased enough with how things went that I’m going to do UK at some point later tonight or maybe tomorrow. If Nexus went this well, UK should go just as well (since it’ a little easier), so I’m starting to feel more and more confident in tanking Northrend dungeons.  I was a bit worried about it because of the number of people talking up the gap in damage between Outland dungeons and Northrend dungeons, but the healer didn’t seem to have significant trouble keeping me up. In fact, on one trash pack pull the healer was afk (I didn’t catch her say she was leaving) and even though I had to use a potion and some CDs, I ended at over half health so I think my incoming damage is certainly manageable even if the healer isn’t awesomesauce (although this healer was quite good). Most of the time I was well above 50% health and a CD helped to smooth out any would-be damage spikes that might have been trouble.


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