Welcome to Northrend, Lil Tank

Got the warrior to 68 and moved on to Outland early this morning. I went ahead and switched him from our leveling guild to our raiding guild, because all of the Northrend level stuff is in our big people guild and it seemed easier than trying to keep mailing myself stuff.

The warrior keeps getting better and better, and although I’ll reserve judgment until after the final slog to 80, which promises to be a bit more dungeon-intensive than it has been since the pre-40 levels, I think I like the warrior more than the DK, for now. At the moment it’s a toss-up between the warrior and the druid for my favorite tank. I really like the simplicity of the druid, but charge is an insanely fun ability and warriors get to do it more often than bears.

Next on the agenda: getting to 70, throwing on all my tanking gear, and hitting the PUG circuit. I’ve got to get over my shyness and reluctance to tank (or not) once and for all. As it stands now, I have the toons, I have the gear, and I even have the ability; I just don’t have the confidence, and that is proving the most important, yet elusive, part for me. I just need to keep in mind that I’ve done my research: I know my abilities and how to use them, I’ve stacked the appropriate stats, and I’m familiar with the instances. I think this puts me one-up on all those would-be tanks that, though ballsy, think that their quest green dps gear will be fine for tanking heroic Nexus, because, hey well, it didn’t matter in the Stocks, why should it matter, now?


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