Assorted Alts News

  • The prot warrior is now 56 and knocking on Outland’s door. I’m debating between a) using dungeons to get to 58 or b) just waiting for Hellfire, where I am much more familiar with tanking the instances. I have a feeling that dungeons like Scholomance and Stratholme would be pretty epic level-appropriately. On the other hand, I’m not nearly familiar enough with any of them to favor my chances of tanking them smoothly.
  • The next two weeks are Midsummer Fire Festival, which means that with any luck my paladin, priest, and hunter (at the least) will be getting the achievement. This will give my paladin his drake and put the priest one step away. Although with the announcement that 310% flight will be trainable in Cata,  the necessity of getting the violet drake on all 10 toons on the server is lessened significantly.

2 thoughts on “Assorted Alts News

  1. Yeah I hope they won’t make me pay for 310% on the toons that did manage to get the drake… I could do with one less gold sink 😛 Especially if they make it 1000g or something

    • As I understand it, the new rank of flight will allow all your 280% mounts to scale to 310% so I don’t expect anybody to get a pass on the price. On the plus side, I’ll be able to use some of my pretty, but slower mounts (like the blue drake from Oculus or the albino drake) again instead of the purple proto so it’ll be worth it in the long run.

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