Lil Tank keeps chugging along

The little warrior has just dinged 46 and is now questing in Tanaris. I always feel silly for feeling so excited about getting to Tanaris, but I can’t help it. The way I see it, Tanaris is “the beginning of the end” of Vanilla wow. I usually get to 58 (and thus Outland-ready) by the end of Un-Goro, sometimes shortly after, depending on how many quests and dungeons I did or skipped. So Tanaris is the second-to-last questing zone I usually do, which means for me it’s sort of like “starting to see the finish line” so to speak (inasmuch as the Vanilla levels are concerned).  So with the warrior now at 46 and zipping through at 45 minutes-or-so per level, I can see Outland on the horizon and I’m starting to get really excited about it.


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