Dreamwalker Can Haz Healz?

Finally got Dreamwalker on my paladin. I know it’s a bit silly to be all excited about beating a boss fight that I’ve done several times on my priest already, but it just feels so much different to be the one standing in the spotlight. Anyway, I missed the raid yesterday (due to extra hours at work) and from the reception I got when I got back, I think they missed me too. There was much love and hugs to be had, and a few “we missed you” and “never leave again” comments floating around. I feel a bit bad, but apparently things did not go well in my absence. No one would say flat out what happened, but apparently the raid went off as scheduled and just wiped for a few hours and then called it quits. So today everyone was happy to have me back and I was feeling pretty good about being back. I was a bit nervous/anxious about delivering on the raid’s perceived promise of my presence equaling a sure success, so I was really happy to have been able to help the team to victory on just the third attempt (the first two attempts went pretty well but ended up failing because of disconnects – first I DCed and then the shaman did). On the third attempt there was no DC and we beat it, despite some anxious raid member calling for heroism when we had 2 healers in the portal. In fact, we beat the snot out of it, barely taking 5 minutes. Having finally got it down, this win seemed so easy that I almost wonder how we struggled for so long. Either the new strategy or the new(old) raid make-up (the return of our shaman) that made it possible – more likely both – made a world of difference in the fight .

After this we pressed on and had some very nice first licks in on Sindragosa, getting her to phase 3 on just our second attempt and getting her down to 20-25% health pretty regularly. I think  a little more familiarity and we’ll do just swimmingly on this fight. Many people have opined that it’s the second-hardest fight in ICC (after the Lich King), but IMO, it’s easier than Blood Princes, Blood Queen, and Putricide, at the very least. Granted, I haven’t beaten any of those fights yet, but Sindragosa, at least, seemed to have a straightforward “dance” mechanic to it. Putricide is much more convoluted, and Blood Princes is a much harder gear check, in my limited experience. The raid’s reaction in picking it up so quickly would seem to back me up on that feeling, and I know my sister agrees with that assessment, as well.

At any rate, a very satisfying day, overall. My only regret is that we had 11 raiders ready to go and one of the dps had to volunteer to sit out. It would have been nice if everyone had gotten to go and be there for our first Dreamwalker rescue.


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