Baby Tank is Now Lil’ Kid Tank

My spare time has been somewhat limited of late, so leveling on my warrior has been slow and sporadic, but he just hit 40 yesterday. 40 is always an exciting level because of the faster mount you get, but the armor upgrade for those classes that get one is always extra exciting. I’ve replaced almost all of my mail with plate gear and my armor value has skyrocketed. A few more levels and I’ll have replaced all of my mail with plate and nabbed one heck of a shield upgrade (the armor on post-40 shields scales like the mail/plate). I’m starting to get really excited about Outland and Northrend, even though that’s getting a bit ahead of  myself again.

In the meantime, leveling a warrior continues to get better, and I’ve been spending more and more time in Defensive Stance, even outside of dungeons. Revenge is borderline OP, even at this level. I’m not sure how well it will continue to scale with gear, but as of now I’m hitting mobs for about 1/3 their health on a Revenge (just over half their total health on a crit). And considering that my fully-talented version hits 3 mobs at once, I’m a thunderclapping, cleaving, revenge machine just flying through the levels. I’ve even gotten around the lack of heals with First Aid. If I’m ever in a sticky situation I turn to some twink-style bandaging to reset the fight (frostweave bandages tick for almost my full health bar). I don’t die often, and when I do, I’m always astounded at what it took to do it (usually about 4-5 red-difficulty mobs, 3-4 of which have died before I do). At any rate, now halfway to 80, the journey is beginning to get a bit more exciting, and I’m looking forward to having some more familar dungeons to run in the near future (Maraudon and Uldaman are practically foreign to me).

Maybe I’m in for a rude awakening sometime soon, but as of now I’m puzzled as to why anyone would say that Warriors don’t make good add tanks. With high mobility (more to come when I can charge in Defensive Stance), shield block, plenty of aoe aggro and snap aggro, and a resource mechanic that becomes superpowered when taking lots of little hits, it seems like Warriors are the perfect add tanks. Were these people being sarcastic? Were they just stupid? Am I missing something?


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