A Weekly Dose of Etiquette

This week’s maintenance day promises no downtime, so I’m going to go ahead and release a quick post early.

This week’s tip goes something like this: shut up and pay the piper.

I’ve run with quite a few guilds, PuGs, meta-groups, etc. in my day, and one thing they all have in common is people who complain about the expense of raiding. Most commonly, this has to do with the cost of repairs, which, to be blunt is simply ridiculous. If you can’t afford the pittance that is your repair bill after a day of wipes, then just find a new hobby: you can’t afford raiding in WoW.

When I get these sorts of complaints in a group, I always try to fire back that even my worst repair bill has been less than half a day of dailies. And of course then some people will complain that they don’t have time to do dailies. Which is, of course, complete poppycock, especially from anyone who is leveling – or already has leveled – alt(s). Doubly so coming from a group that offers perks like free or discounted enchants, crafting, gems, flasks, etc. I’ve even seen quite a few complaints from a group that offers free enchants, free flasks, and free gems to its regulars (not to mention free fish feasts laid out). Meaning that the repair bill is the one and only expense they are asked to pay for during raiding and they still find cause to complain. Don’t be one of those guys.

I may be being a bit curmudgeonly about this, but here’s the way I see it: do a damn daily or stfu about your expenses. I’ve seen this sentiment echoed by many fellow raiders, albeit some have used more tact to express themselves. But that’s really all there is to it. Even the most expensive day of wipes (and I’ve sat through some excruciating 2-3 hour wipefests) doesn’t add up to much: it costs less than an hour of dailies will net you.  So, there’s the rub: there isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t have somebody pipe up that they have to call it quits because they can’t afford the repairs after only a handful of wipes. Which, again, sorry to be so blunt, is shamelessly rude to the other 9  or 24 people that are counting on you to finish the raid. Especially if one or more of those players has spent a couple hours fishing, gathering herbs, or doing PVP to stock your group with consumables (like fish feasts, potions/flasks, and gems, respectively) in *addition* to meeting their personal needs.

Before you sign on to join a raid group, be aware that raiding carries with it certain expenses: gems, enchants, repairs, consumables (potions, flasks, bandages, food). Expecting a raid group to call it quits because you couldn’t be bothered to pony up your fair share is the pinnacle of rudeness. It doesn’t matter how you come up with your raiding money: ply your profession in trade, work the Auction House, do some dailies. All that really matters is that you make a bit of gold during the week. There are dozens of ways to come up with the money you need to cover your raiding. I’d aim for 100g per weekend to cover repairs, but the chances are good you will never ever need that much.  100g per week is ridiculously easy to make these days. I can do it in about 30 minutes at the argent tournament. So, for the love of all things holy, don’t tell your raid group that you can’t afford your repair bills. Or at least don’t expect any sympathy from them when you do.


7 thoughts on “A Weekly Dose of Etiquette

  1. I shouldn’t be surprised at people complaining seriously about repair bills. My tank has had a 200g repair bill for a night of raiding a couple times. Your tanks have the most to complain about btw – and I’ve fussed at raiders as a raid leader before for doing something abjectly stupid [oh silly me, left my pet on aggressive; oh lol walk on water/frost path killed people on the drop in ToC – how funny!] and costing me additional repair bills, but I’ve never thought twice about clicking ‘repair all’ at the repair guy. I keep enough on each toon to cover a night of repairs and only one of them raids regularly.

    If I get low, I borrow from an alt, or do some dailies.

    • shouldn’t be surprise at people complaining seriously about repair bills from raiding – but I am for some reason.*

    • Ironically, it’s rarely the tanks that get upset about repair bills. It’s usually a cloth or leather dps that gets the loudest about the repair bills. I cringe doubly hard when I hear a mage or rogue complaining about repair bills. Not only is leather and cloth pretty cheap to repair, but with spells/abilities like vanish and invisibility in their arsenals, there should be fewer calls for them to take a death during a wipe.

      And there’s a difference between complaining about a bonehead move (hey, I’ve made them too), and complaining about something that is purely part of the game. Repair bills aren’t exactly fun for anyone, but it’s part of the package. And again, IMO, the amount needed to cover repair bills is small and readily available from a variety of sources. I almost hate to say it, but it seems like it’s just pure laziness about gathering gold and that is what truly bothers me. It’s like “dude, if I’m telling you to stop being lazy you’ve got problems.”

      • Yeah, strangely the tanks rarely complain… perhaps we’re so used to the abuse? Or took one too many hits to the head?

        I just laugh when a rogue or hunter complains…

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