Weekend Raids

Dreamwalker eludes us another week. We’re getting so close on our attempts. We’re consistently getting her to 85-90% and once we even got her to about 95%. Unfortunately, it’s all we can manage for now. I think a heroism would have been enough to tip us over the top on that attempt. I think the dps still needs to work a little on the kill order and getting stuff down faster (there were suppressors up for large chunks of time) and some of the healers could use some gear/help with mana issues. The strategy that finally worked for me in my other group is that the pally (my sister) finally just said, “hey, I’ll trust you guys to keep the party up and I’ll just do the portal dance” and it worked like a charm. I think if we can just get to a point where the 9 of them can do their thing and let me do my own thing we’ll be fine. Until then, it seems like the amount of healing I have to divert away from myself (for which I receive a 5% bonus plus glyph splash on the dragon) towards another target is the difference that is making or breaking the fight most of the time. I continue to improve on gathering orbs, and my old goal of 5 per portal is somewhat disappointing now that I can expect to get at least 6-7 on almost every go.  In the meantime, we’ve had to use some tactics that in my opinion, and at the risk of being too blunt, is frankly handicapping us. I’ve been trading off portals with one healer who has been having particular mana issues, meaning that I’ve been having some pretty hefty stacks (15-20-ish) fall off to help him get some regen. It’s disappointing to see ~200% bonus healing fall away. Having successfully pulled off this fight on another toon, these failures continue to be a slap to the face.

I don’t know, maybe the problem is me, I know there have been a few runs that I mishandled a portal and those failures are definitely my fault, but I think that most of our problems are still in the “learning the fight” arena and not in the “pally is only putting out 18-20k HPS” department. I would think that’s enough to get the job done, all else being equal. And it climbs higher when I don’t have to swap out portals. At any rate, it’s just disappointing to keep doing your best and come up short. To make matters worse, I think I might have to miss next Saturday’s raid for work. There’s a chance for a couple extra hours over the weekend and I need the money.


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