Weekly Dose of Etiquette

I slept through maintenance today so I’ll just toss out a short word on etiquette that’s been on my mind since leveling a lowbie tank.

This week’s dose of etiquette is coming at you in the classic “5 things your tank/healer wants you to know” style.

1) If you want to tank, sign up as the tank.

It’s happened a couple times that someone feels that they should tank instead of the tank (that being me). Either by running ahead and pulling things before anyone is ready or, in the case of what turned out to be the strangest run of my life, by signing up as a dps, throwing on Righteous Fury and a shield and bitching at the tank that he’s pulling aggro. “Yeah, I know I am, that’s my job, as I am the tank. See the shield by my name? That’s what that means.” Seriously, though, if you want to tank, great, sign up as a tank, we need more. If you can’t sign up as a tank, say because your class has no tanking tree, then STFU and keep your impatient clothy ass firmly behind the tank.

2) Obey the  kill order.

If I take the time to mark a kill order and tell you “skull, x, square” then there’s probably a reason other than that I felt like playing with my new add-on and typing useless crap in party chat. If skull needs to die first, that means you should kill skull. Rather than, say, go pull a whole other room of adds.

3) Don’t pull for me.

If I’m waiting, there’s a reason. Like say, the healer is low/out of mana, I need to wait on a cooldown, I need to reapply a buff/food or the tank and/or healer hasn’t even zoned into the instance yet (yeah,  no joke I’ve popped into the zone as a tank to find no healer, but some impatient dps has already started to pull). Also, I will pull as quickly as I am comfortable depending on both my gear and the healer’s gear/performance. If I wanted a second group of adds I would have pulled it.

4) I need resources to do things.

I need mana or rage or runes to tank, I need mana to heal. If I don’t have any I can’t do anything. That means that when I sit down to drink for mana, I’m not getting up until I’m at full mana, no matter how stupid you are. It also means that if I am still building rage and you open with AoE despite my warning not to, I won’t be able to remove the monsters eating your face, even if I wanted to.

5) I have CDs, too.

If, say, I just taunted a mob off of you and you pull again, or you pull two at once, “lol, just taunt noob” is not a viable tanking strategy. See, I only have one or two taunts per tank and all of them have cooldowns, usually in the 10+ seconds range. Meaning that you need to “lol, manage your own threat noob” and not expect the tank  to play aggro ping-pong with you.

Until next week, peace out and remember, if they won’t let you tank nice, tank ANGRY!


One thought on “Weekly Dose of Etiquette

  1. I completely agree with everything you said. There is a reason I don’t queue up several of my toons anymore.

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