A Blast from the Past

Today I did my first server-only PuG (not counting guild runs/meta group runs) in a long, long time. Since LFD tool was implemented, actually. It was such a nice refreshing change of pace. I saw a tank posting in trade that he was queuing and to whisper for an invite. I kept expecting to see a price tag (as some tanks will let you queue with them for the low low price of 25g-30g (yeah, that’s more than you get for running the damned thing). But he didn’t ever mention one and after posting that there were 2 spots left I figured, “what the hell, I can always drop if he wants paid” and he turned out to be really nice. It was a really nice run. Everyone was polite, nobody pulled for the tank, there was no name calling, there were no “mutes” wandering around, unable to type so much as “hi guys” or “thanks” at the end of the run. The rogue accidentally hit greed instead of need on the belt that would be an upgrade for him and I gave it to him (he was quite appreciative) instead of vendoring it. All in all, it was a very different atmosphere from the average cross-server PuG I’ve been used to. Don’t get me wrong, the LFD makes finding groups much easier, but I miss the feeling of *community* that comes with a single-server group. Whatever the reason that people are less-inclined to screw people over or behave the boob, I miss the atmosphere that comes with the single-server PuG. Yeah, I don’t believe it, either, I’m actually pining for the good ol’ PuGs I used to loathe so much.

Also, finally got my first piece of t9 on the warlock. Hurray! 187 blue robe vs 232 epic robe is exactly my sort of upgrade. 😉


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