Tiny Tank

So I decided to start leveling up my lil warrior as a tank. I joined the queue for Ragefire Chasm to start things off nice and easy. Except that I have the world’s dumbest group of “pros” behind me, well, figuratively, anyway, the rogue and warlock have decided to lead the way without waiting on something so trivial as a tank. I politely ask them to please let me pull. “It doesn’t matter at this level, just go.” So we go a little further and the asshats are doing it again. Except this time, they keep pulling in new adds from the outside and complaining that I don’t have aggro on them. So I’m thinking “You mean I don’t have any aggro on that mob over there? The one 30 yards away that I haven’t so much as glanced at because I’m fighting this group of 3 right here? You’re right, I have no threat on that mob. That’s why it’s a cosmically stupid thing to attack it if you’re a squishy rogue and the healer has no mana.” I let him get down to blinking red before taunting it off of him in the hopes of teaching him a lesson. But he either can’t learn or won’t.  I again, ask politely that they let me gather the group before wading in, all the while kicking myself over not letting him die when I had the chance. As the grand finale, he pulled the final boss while I was waiting on the healer to mana up (and said so in party chat) because it was a paladin with less than 100 mana left (out of its staggering pool of 440) and people who yell “gogogo” annoy me on principle, anyway. I stood there, doing nothing, hoping he would die but the stupid healer kept healing him and eventually got healer aggro, so I taunted off of the healer and the battle ended shortly after.

If this were my first experience as a tank, I’d have given it up without a second thought right there. It’s not so hard to figure out why there’s a serious tank shortage in WoW. It’s not because tanking is intrinsically harder, or carries more responsibility, and it’s not because it’s a specialized field that is counter-productive to the leveling process in many ways, though all of that is part of the problem. The real reason that there are so few tanks left, and that most of the ones who tough it out are rather surly, is because of jerks like this. You want more tanks? Stop being a douchebag. Problem solved.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Tank

  1. I can understand this .. though to be honest there are a lot of people out there that are terrible tanks. I’ve only voluntarily tanked a few instances on my little warrior for guild alt runs, and hated every minute of it .. and that was with a supportive group. Then again my main is a healer and I keep looking for regrowth no matter what other toon im playing so there is half the problem.

    By default a tank paces an instance though to a degree, which means the other players need to try and accommodate the tanks skills and abilities .. sadly this just doesn’t happen all that much these days.

  2. My tanks need nothing from emblems of triumph only frost. My main needs nothing for her main spec and very little for her offspec even from frosts… I’ve stopped tanking in randoms for the most part simply because it’s a pain in the butt now.

    If I have a hunter in the party, the probability is 75% that they will start pulling for me randomly.

    If I have a warrior, they will either try to tank for me, or they will charge/bladestorm before i’m at the mobs.

    If I have a rogue, they will 50% of the time pull for me.

    If I have a dk, 75% of the time will be one of the following: 1. wearing spellpower gear; 2. death grip mobs because it gives them extra runic power; 3. do less than 1k dps [with an all time low of 300 dps]

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