Sunday Raids

I had a whole day full of exciting raids today.

This afternoon’s raid on my paladin was pretty good. We made short work of Saurfang, Festergut, and Rotface, despite having some new people (as in “never seen the fight” new). There were a fewwipes, but nothing to be too ashamed of. I snagged Lockjaw, an actual, honest-to-goodness healer weapon on Rotface. Bye-bye, dps sword. Combined with the t10 chest I bought and the pants I got yesterday (being the only holy paladin has its advantages :P) my gear is looking pretty sweet these days. Except for that ridiculous Naxx shield, which I don’t think I will ever be rid of. Anyway, after downing the first few fights like clockwork we spent the rest of the afternoon wiping on the Blood Princes.

In what turned out to be an eerily similar night raid on my priest, we had already downed Festergut, so we started off the evening with a one-shot on Rotface, despite, once again, a group with a bunch of first-timers in the raid. We then wiped a few times on Putricide before giving it up as  bad job and then went and wiped on, you guessed it, Blood Prince Council for about an hour. Finally, we gave that up as a no-go as well, and we finally convinced the group to try Dreamwalker, despite nobody having confidence in our healing team to be able to get the job done. As you may well know, I fancy myself  as something of a pretty decent healer, so I took this as a personal affront. I was overjoyed when we one-shotted her. It was a brilliant fight. My sister didn’t miss a beat on her stacking, never letting them drop off. And thanks to a healthy boost from Guardian Spirit, Dreamwalker’s health bar flew upward at an astounding rate over the last 25% or so. We actually got kudos from the raiders for our outstanding healing. It’s enough to make a grown priest cry… with joyful pride. I wish we had convinced the group to try Dreamwalker earlier. I think we would have had a real shot at Sindragosa with this group. Couldn’t have done any worse than we did on Putricide or the Blood Prince Council.

The only down note to the evening is that this may well have been my last raid with my sister for awhile.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Raids

    • The morning raid had a hunter, the evening raid had a warlock. Neither one lasted very long, even with either a dedicated healer or beacon on them. The damage was pretty high on those fights from what I can tell, but I think most of our problem is just that people don’t know what they’re doing yet. In both cases, the ranged tank was taking some pretty serious damage before he could get his hands on more than one or two shadow orbs. I need to watch the videos and read up on some strategies. I don’t think it helped much that we were all basically flying blind, having only a second-hand account from people who had read the strategy but never done the fight.

      • I don’t know what your group make up is, but I usually tank the shadow guy on my dk tank. I just get initial aggro on the shadow guy and run around meleeing and taunting and deathgripping the orbs. Anti magic shell when he empowers. You need at least 3 orbs in 10 man, 5 on 25 man. It’s still rough and can take a couple of wipes depending on how quickly I can do it, but I managed to get last an empowerment in 25 man this past weekend. My co-tank handles the other two adds which is painful, but doable. We usually three heal it on 10 man to give us some wiggle room.

        Having a tank on shadow guy is discussed on wowhead a bit I think in the comments. The way they figure it, tanks will take less damage anyway. It’s still intense – but that’s why it’s my favorite fight in ICC.

      • I’m not sure that would work with our current group make-ups. Both of them have a pretty undergeared tank (one of them is so severely undergeared that Ony25 is still in the red on wow-heroes). Frankly, I’m astounded that we’ve managed to get Festergut down with those tanks. Still, I guess it’s worth a shot. Can’t possibly turn out any worse than our other attempts. 🙂

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