Saturday Raid

The cycle continues. Very few show up for the weekly run(s) and the Saturday ICC run. The Sunday run has become increasingly popular, exponentially so after the first few bosses have been getting cleared on Saturday. I understand that a lot of people already have all of the rep and/or early gear that they need, but it annoys me that they think this means they don’t need to bother to show up. It gets old struggling to put together 10 people of the appropriate role one day only to have to turn people away the next day. Maybe I should suggest that we give priority to Saturday PuGgers before Sunday-only regulars. It seems to me that it’s more fair to “dance with the girl who brought you” than to do what, IMO, basically amounts to using people. Besides which, it’s annoying that it seems like we’re gearing up a new tank every week.

Also, my pants dropped at long last! Huzzah! Also, the ret paladin girlfriend of one of our recent PuG acquisitions got a whole bunch of healing gear for her offset because I already had it. It’s kind of cool making somebody happy by doing nothing more than pointing out you don’t need the gear that dropped.


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