The Tanking Experiment Continues…

I had just signed on to do some fishing when a friend asked if I wanted to join her for a random. I figured “why not? I can spare a few minutes for a random and still get some fishing in before the server goes down for maintenance.” So I flipped over to my mage for some emblems, and then she flipped to her tank so I flipped to my warlock and we did another. It was kind of fun taking him out for a spin, as I haven’t been running him through dungeons (I think this would be his second heroic ever) and I was kind of curious about how my dps would pan out. Despite having some questionable gear (he’s something horrible – like 6% – below the hit cap) and using my leveling/farming spec (because I had forgotten to set up my bars for my actual dps spec) I still came in around 2k, which I guess isn’t too bad. I’ve seen better-geared people do worse.

Anyway, after the mage and warlock, she asked me if I felt up to tanking one. She keeps pushing me to tank because she knows I’ve been wanting to learn and she offered to teach me so she’s kind of taken me under her wing in that respect. Anyway, I warned the party with my usual disclaimer: “I’m still gearing up so you may have to mind your threat, especially on aoe pulls” and off we go. Nobody said anything about the pace, but I could tell some people were getting annoyed with how slow we were going. (Which wasn’t all that slow – we cleared the whole place in under 25 minutes. Maybe a more experienced tank could have pulled it off in 15-20, but I was pulling as fast as I was comfortable and only did ready checks for boss pulls and nobody needed any explanations.) Thanks in no small part to the hunter who MDed to me on aoe pulls, the place went along pretty well. I only lost aggro on one pull, and I was able to taunt/pull both mobs back to me before they smacked anybody too hard. Anyway, I’m getting more and more confident in the DK as a tank, and maybe someday I’ll gear him up. As it is, his gear isn’t so great, but it’s good enough for heroics (it just sucks a bit trying to compete for threat with ICC-geared dps when you’re in mostly 200 blues). I think I may try a spec change, since supposedly my spec (2H frost) is dead for anything, especially tanking. I’m just not sure if I want to go for a DW frost tank spec or perhaps a 2H Blood spec. I may drop my dps spec (like I use it, anyway: I don’t even have dps gear) and give both a try, see which works better. Maybe one or both will be better for tanking/produce a bit more threat than my current build. I’m going to read up a bit more on it, too. This is my third or fourth heroic as a tank and most of them have gone pretty well. My first one was pretty rough, but all of them since then have been pretty good (i.e no deaths/ limited aggro loss/decent clear time). I’m getting a bit more confidence and reading up on it a bit more can’t hurt anything in that regard. At any rate, it still doesn’t hold my heart the way that casting does. I’m a caster through and through, be it dps or heals, I loves me some flinging of magic from range.


2 thoughts on “The Tanking Experiment Continues…

  1. 2h frost is still viable imho. Until very recently I was 2h frost in ICC25 on my dk. I went dw because it “feels better” to me and it gets me more away from the temptation of icy touch spam and into a “rotation” [which is really a priority system].

    You can take a look at Askevar’s spec if you like. Traxy – Medivh is who I got it from. She’s quite awesome and has a blog herself –

    I know next to nothing about blood tanking. I tried it once and was quite unimpressed, but a friend of mine swears by it – Dethgnome – ThoBro, if you want to take a look at his spec. He also has a blog lol –

    Lots of bloggers thereabouts.

    I highly recommend too – awesome hub of dk tanking info!

    [and sorry for geeking out a bit :P]

    • Yeah, I was having some threat issues, but nothing extraordinary considering the degree to which the dps typically outgear me. I’ve went ahead and switched to Blood tanking/DW frost dps, which is sort of reversed of what I had before (frost tank/blood dps) just because it looks like both of my preferred specs are going the way of the dodo come Cata. Might as well start getting used to it now. I think I’ll miss all my CDs, though. Thanks for the links, I’ll check them out.

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