Guild Drama or Laziness Abounds

Wow, so there was some pretty serious drama in guild tonight. Apparently one of the officers had thrown together a last-minute ToC25 to gear up alts and some of the lesser-geared members so we could get some more people into ICC25. The problem? He scheduled it right in the middle of our ICC10 run and then  got all pissed off that we wouldn’t drop what we were doing to come run all of them through ToC25. Apparently this was childish and selfish of us. I guess  the mature, responsible thing to do would be to drop everything so he could have his way in a “right nao!” sort of fashion. I guess I missed the part about how being a “more serious progression raider” means *skipping* progression content to go run alts and fresh-80s through farm content. I want to actually DO the progression content. I can’t help but notice the officers who were so busy yelling, insulting, and disparaging us for wanting to finish our regularly scheduled run hadn’t scheduled any of these gear runs during *their* raiding nights.

It’s not that I have a problem helping gear up others, it’s just that I find it hard to believe he couldn’t find any other time to schedule these gearing up-runs other than during our regularly-scheduled 10-man runs. From the sound of it, they hadn’t even tried, citing the fact that we had interrupted our ICC10 to do ICC25 before  so we shouldn’t be upset(because, yeah, clearly there’s no difference between interrupting progression for more progression and interrupting progression for farm content). We have 2, maybe 3 nights a week that we raid with that group (T,TH, maybe Sun) and the calendar for Friday is more barren than a pair of 80-year-old cat ladies. I mean, nobody has anything scheduled on Fridays: no raids, no randoms, no guild meetings. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Yet Friday doesn’t work for some reason. No, we must schedule gear runs for 1 hour after our particular group’s progression runs start. I mean, helping gear up others is one thing, but I have no intention of being anybody’s gear mule. Especially when a bunch of the people we’re expected to carry through ToC 25 don’t even have badge gear yet (or, well, even heroic-level epics, for that matter).

Anyway, to make along story short (too late!) one of the insults that got thrown our way is that we were all just being lazy, and it made me think about a post over on Askevar’s blog, about people too lazy to gem or enchant their gear. You want to know what lazy is? Lazy isn’t bucking at the idea of giving up your fun to do somebody else’s work.  Lazy is expecting to get carried through tiers 9 and 10 in your fresh-80 greens and blues. These are the same people that showed up to ICC25 in their ungemmed/unenchanted greens and blues and couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t down Festergut (frankly I find it a miracle that we managed to down the first 4 bosses). Now the officers have said that they can’t come to ICC25 runs until they’re geared. Great idea, but the root problem persists: they still expect to get carried through the content. Now we’re just making a pit-stop at tier 9 before carrying them through tier 10. I probably shouldn’t get so upset about it, but it just seems to me that the fact that they can’t be bothered to farm up some badge gear (or heck, even do enough heroics/5-mans to get a couple 200-219 epics)  shouldn’t constitute some sort of emergency on my part.


2 thoughts on “Guild Drama or Laziness Abounds

  1. Wow.

    We’re at the point of allowing alts in our ToC25 runs with the provisions that they’re geared in pretty much full t9 [trinket or ring here and there is understandable – some stuff is hard to replace] and that they should be well played and if there’s a problem, they’ll be asked to get their main. We have a few that still scrimp on enchants/buff food/flasks a bit, but we have yet to ask someone to swap to their mains [a few do for Anub to make sure we down him but eh or Faction Champs to give extra CC/heals etc – it’s no big thing]. We threw down the gauntlet that to gear their alt(s), they had best be putting the effort into it first.

    Course I’m the person who tried to get Seethe for her lock banker and had the Black magic enchant sitting in the bag waiting for her when it dropped, so mayhap I’m a bit weird 😛

    I’m also the person with 8 toons in t9 plus. I’ve got 2 more I’m working on – one heroic a day. And while it’s slow work – they’re coming along and will get there eventually. And sadly, I’m gearing them for my own personal edification/gratification. Most of them will never see raiding [only in filling in for others on 10 mans]

    But no, lack of willing to work at least a little on someone’s part is not an emergency on your part imho [not to disparage anyone involved]. Showing up and saying “gear me” with blues and greens is not showing anyone they want to be there. It’s lazy on their part to not try to mesh the schedule better – especially with an open night!

  2. Whew, looking back at this I sure was steamed. I’m still a bit peeved at it, though I guess I’ve calmed a bit. My sister and I have talked about it and one of the things she mentioned that had even occurred to me is this: if you don’t have time in the week to gear up, how do you have time to raid?
    The math behind that goes something like this: if you’re looking at spending somewhere around 4-6 hours per raid per week, at minimum. Meaning that if you’re going to run both a 10 and 25 with us, you’re going to have to have around 8-12 hours per week to raid with us. If you aren’t yet geared to raid with us, you can run randoms *during our regularly scheduled raid times* and get geared in no time. Seriously,8 hours a week is a lot of badges. Figuring 5 triumph per run and 3 runs per hour (which is fairly conservative, IMO, especially if you go as a premade group of 3-5), you can get full t9 in about 3 weeks (by which time you’d have gotten somewhere around 360-540 triumph badges, give or take.

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