Weekend Raids and New Guild

Earlier this week I joined up with my sister’s guild, moving my priest into their guild and have been doing raids with her and her boyfriend. My first week has been pretty good. Obviously, it’s really good to be raiding with my sister again, and I’ve already gotten several whispers to the effect of “it’s good to be running with someone you can trust” from the other raiders. That makes me feel good. Thus far I’ve managed not to do anything too terribly boneheaded, despite being in a new role on most fights, and facing some new and less-familiar fights. Everyone seems to be pretty pleased so far, or at least, nobody’s said anything to anyone that I know of. Aside from fitting in pretty well, they are bit further into the progression than the Tigers’ raids have been, and so I ended up with a pair of upgrades that nobody else wanted. I snagged a pair of pants each for my healing and shadow sets (one from Festergut, the other from Dreamwalker), which is making things look nicer already. My shadow and holy sets are much closer together in quality, now, and I’m pulling more dps than I ever suspected I could (albeit the 10% Wrynn buff has quite a lot to do with that, I’m sure).  With the first four bosses on farm and several upgrades still to come from them, things are looking quite bright on the gearing front.

The Tigers’ raid went pretty well. We’ve got the first 4 bosses down pretty well, and Festergut is looking like it’ll be on farm pretty soon. We got him down on the second attempt today, and considering our raid comp (we only had 1 ranged, and so 2 healers were standing at range) I think it was a minor miracle that we made it through the fight with everyone alive, healthy, and ready to loot. It was certainly better (although not half as entertaining) as last week’s attempt, in which Fester died to DoTs while I hid inside my pally bubble and the rest of the raid wiped. Divine Shield FTW!

Rotface was a standard day of progression for my paladin. We’re still all getting the dance down, but we get a little further each attempt. I think next week may be the week we get him down for the first time. It was certainly interesting to see this fight after having done it with my other run earlier in the week. It seemed so simple when we one-shotted it on Tuesday. Different day, different group, and it’s stymieing our best efforts. I have the utmost confidence in our group, though. The Tigers may not be as far along, but I think that time and availability are the biggest deciding factors in the difference in progression. I’d match their skill against any group I’ve run with. I happen to know that this same fight slowed down that group for weeks and weeks before they got it down. It’s just sort of amazing how quickly a fight goes from “OMG, this is IMPOSSIBLE!” to “How did we ever think that was hard?”

After a short nap, my night raid on my priest against Sindragosa wasn’t much different. I ended up healing today, instead of dps like I had been, but I enjoy both roles, so it was no big deal. Once again, this was your typical progression day. We never downed her, but we did get her down to 23% on one attempt, and we’re getting better and better at the dance. We’re consistently getting to phase 3 now, and I think once we work out the kinks in that phase we’ll be golden. We’ve had most people alive and we’ve been well within pace on damage done vs. the berserk timer when things fall apart on phase 3. Most of us have come to the consensus that picking a standard rally point for the frost beaconed target to run to and getting everyone to the same side on that phase (se we can LoS behind the frost tomb and duck our buffet stacks) will work wonders. It seems a sound theory anyway, and I can’t wait to try it next week. Much like the other raid, I feel we’re closing to cracking it. I really hope we get her down next week and that my sister finally gets the shield she’s been wanting for so long.

Also, to Askevar, whose husband I met tonight, “Hello” good to hear from you in game. Hope to see you both around in the future.


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