Gearing Up Alts

Should be a glut of new crafted gear for my alts tomorrow. I’ll be seeking to get 3 pairs of Spellslinger’s Slippers crafted, which should be enough for my mage, my warlock, and my sister’s shadow priest to have a pair. Additionally, my sister is helping me get the mats for a pair of Sandals of Consecration for my priest (so the slippers are the least I can do as a thank you). Finally, fashionable footwear for all my clothies!


3 thoughts on “Gearing Up Alts

  1. My hunter can craft the Spellslinger’s Slippers if you need. I was actually contemplating getting a pair for my lock, whom I finally decided to gear up đŸ™‚

  2. Thank you, but I got a guildmate to craft them all. I, too, am looking toward gearing up some alts. My mage (who is actually my main, despite being the 3rd to get geared, lol) is almost done and I’ll be needing a new project to work on. The warlock is looking most likely.

    • I’m working on finishing up my rogue’s gearing as well as my lock. My rogue just needs the rings and trinkets and such. My lock I just started getting gear for. She was my main back in BC – and she’s not as horrendous to play as I remember her being right after LK hit. She’s basically been sitting for a year and 3 months.

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