Weekend Raids

Another interesting weekend. We get a little further each week. I’m hopeful that each week, as more and more people become comfortable with the fights we’ll get to where the plague wing fights are one-or-two shot fights like the first wing. As it is, we got our first Festergut kill in today, which was totally exciting. I think we were all a bit surprised to have got it down because there were a few of us (like the OT) that were undergeared and the healing was exceptionally difficult. Finally, though, after trading out an undergeared dps for a 3rd healer, we managed to brute force our way through. A hearty bravo for all of the DPSers who managed to pick up the slack for going 5-dps instead of 6. You guys are awesome. Also awesome are the gloves I nabbed: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=50967.

We didn’t get Rotface down, as we’re still getting the dance down, but we made pretty good progress in our first few attempts, getting him as low as 50% on one attempt. I think that as more people – myself included – become familiar with it it will also be pretty doable, if not easier than Festergut.


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