Baby Shaman

My sister and I have been leveling our latest pair of alts – a mage for her and a shaman for me –  and I’ve been fiddling with how to spec him. I had started out elemental but I’ve spent so much time healing (I queue as healer and dps and always get picked as healer) that I just respecced to resto. Either way, I’m dual-speccing resto/elemental at 40. I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy healing on the shaman. Even without having all of his tools yet I can see that resto is going to be really fun and effective as a healer, and there is a startling amount of crossover with paladin healing, so healing on the shaman feels second nature already. I can’t wait to get the rest of my toys: chain heal, riptide, earth shield and earthliving weapon all look really cool. Until then, Healing Stream Totem and Lesser Healing Wave seem to be getting the job done just fine the vast majority of the time. Healing Wave puts up some nice numbers but so far it’s bigger than it needs to be with most of the tanks I’ve been getting. At this point it heals for around 500 (don’t laugh, I just dinged 25) and thus far, most of the “tanks” I’ve had have had around 600-700 HP. Which is sort of loltastic when the healer has 1,000, but then again, at these levels, who cares? The bottom line is that running these dungeons appropriately has been weird, but a lot of fun. It’s sort of like whole new content when you don’t have an 80 one-shotting everything for you.


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