Sunday Raid

Sunday’s raid was… well, about what you would expect from progression fights in a casual group. That is to say, there were a lot of wipes while we tested our limits and learned the dances on the new fights. Sadly, I don’t think we have the gear as a whole to down some of these fights at the moment, but Festergut and Rotface are a definite maybe.

On our Festergut attempts, we were left with our backup tanks, neither of which was particularly well geared, which left them taking unhealable damage in the 3-stacks-of-blight phase of Festergut, even with 3 healers. They would quite literally die in the duration of a single global cooldown when I had to refresh either beacon or sacred shield. We managed to keep them up for a little while (and holy mother of mercy, when I spam holy light I put out some frickin’ healing like you wouldn’t believe for my gear – I ended a couple attempts at 5200 hps on recount w/guessed absorbs) but in the end it wasn’t enough. I don’t think anyone quite believed me when I said that the tanks were basically getting one-or-two-shotted between heals until we subbed in a third healer. When the tanks still went down, I felt a mean sense of vindication. I’m not going to claim to be perfect, or anywhere near it, but I’m a reasonably good healer and I was pretty confident that the tanks’ repeated deaths weren’t me (or at least not totally me). With melee swings hitting the tanks for ~24k (or a little over half of their health pools) there wasn’t much I could do except to spam HL and pray. I’m not normally a meter whore (or at least I try not to be) but I was shocked to see the meter this time. I’m still getting there as far as gear is concerned (I have about 4880 according to the gearscore add-on, 2600 if you prefer wow-heroes), and I was surprised to see some of the numbers I was putting out. I had felt sort of like I was holding the group back because there were times that I had to use flash to regen mana, or because I had to use DP on CD, which also eats into my HPS, but after having looked at the numbers I’m satisfied that I was doing my part. Most encounters I manage to only use DP once or maybe twice per encounter, so Festergut was something of a gut-check for me. It’s a very healing-intensive fight, but even so I think with our usual main tank and a slightly better geared off-tank, we might be able to take down Festergut in the very near future. The “dance” part went down pretty well, as far as people understanding what to do with the spores and such. I know it’s not so much a coordination check as a gear check, but I felt pretty pleased with how we all did as far as making sure each group had a spore.

Rather than try to get into Rotface (and the coordination nightmare that is), we took a crack at Valithria Dreamwalker and I had a pretty good time on the few attempts we got in before people had to go. By the end I think people were starting to get a better feel for which mobs did what and who was supposed to focus on which mob and so forth. For my part, I was starting to get really good at the portal/orbs after a few tries. I think that once we get the dance down this will be one of my absolute favorite fights (at least on my paladin). Beacon is absolutely amazing in that fight and it’s an absolute joy to have a fight seemingly designed around it. It was a really fun time, despite all the wipes (although admittedly I was spared quite a few repair bills between casting DI on somebody and a couple wipes while I was inside the portal (which apparently resets the encounter).

At any rate, Sunday was a pretty fun day, despite all the wipes. We actually didn’t clear anything except the trash and a few mini-bosses, but it still felt productive, having gotten in our first few attempts at some new fights. I’m hoping that next week’s Saturday raid goes as well and we get in a few more attempts at these later wings on Sunday.


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