Tanking Experiment

I gave tanking on my DK a try now that they’ve upped threat on Icy Touch. I was kind of hopeful that this would help me out, because threat has always been my biggest issue. And apparently, it still is. I kept losing threat to various dps, especially the ICC-geared kitty. (I’m not sure how geared the other dps were, but I’m guessing pretty well geared, everything was dieing really quickly. I didn’t really seem to have many issues with survivability, but there were some times that I lost threat, especially when the dps got aoe-happy or were attacking targets other than the one with the big fat skull floating above it. One time the mage opened with blizzard on a pat coming up behind me before I could even touch them. The cat, at least, was trying to manage threat, but I don’t think anyone else was. Still, for my first heroic, things went ok, there was only one death (and that was when the priest was standing too close to a hallway and pulled a pat) and I got in some good taunting practice (neither deathgrip nor dark command stayed off CD for long). Still, I wish that more dps were smart enough to figure out that if a tank is putting out as much threat as possible and you’re pulling stuff of of him you’re supposed to back off a bit rather than, say, continue to faceroll aoe-spam especially when you give them a nudge in the direction of that realization. But oh well, c’est la vie. At least none of them were rude about it.


I might try one or two more heroics to see how it goes and if I don’t improve greatly by then I may just have to go back to doing a few more regulars until I get a little more polished. I thought I was ready, but now I’m beginning to doubt it. I’m certainly not ready enough to override trigger-happy ICC-geared dps, anyway. We’ll have to see.


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