Weekend Raids

This weekend’s raids were a little better than last week’s, but I still came out of the whole thing with a feeling of “blah.” Owing to the weekly being Marrowgar, I only got one weekly done instead of the usual 2 or 3. Not because my toons aren’t geared, but because everyone else’s aren’t. I’m in kind of a no-win situation there because I like to save my geared toons for our meta-guild runs, but there’s not much time left to PuG it out when they don’t get done.  Anyway, Saturday we had a pretty good day, and we cleared all the way up to Saurfang, but didn’t have time for an attempt before we had to call it. This should have been pretty exciting (it’s by far the farthest we’ve ever gotten on a Saturday) and I even managed to snag an upgrade on Deathwhisper because a mail caster belt dropped and the shaman already had it.  But still, I left with a kind of bland taste in my mouth. It just wasn’t all that exciting for some reason.

Sunday, we finally managed to down Saurfang. We had banged our head against him again and again and again and it just wasn’t working. We hit the enrage timer several times, the tanks were having trouble taunting at the right time and there were long periods were both were taking heavy damage (I didn’t even think it was possible for both tanks to be hit at the same time), we lost a tank a couple times, and we hit the enrage timer time and time again, even with everyone up. Until.. finally, magically, miraculously, we beat him! And with a whole 3 seconds to spare, too. (No, seriously, he was 3 seconds from enrage when we downed him.) I completely forgot to take a screenshot, though. 😦 Oh well, maybe somebody else got one.

It was lucky we got him down when we did, because we had almost decided to quit. After we got him down we cleared the trash and some mini-bosses (Sister Svalna, Precious, and Stinky) for rep, grabbed a few rep ring upgrades and called it a day. All in all, not a bad day, but I still felt a bit disappointed. Saurfang was a major hurdle cleared, but we raided for over 3 hours and got little else done. Looking forward, though, I’m thinking that we might be able to start getting some more done. Our rep/alts run seems to be pretty solidly at a place where we can get the first boss or two down, at least, and with a little more exposure I think even Saurfang will get easier. I’m hoping so, anyway. I’m aching to try out some of the new fights. As a healing geek I’ve been absolutely aching to try out Dreamwalker on my paladin. It looks like the sort of fight that was just made with me in mind. I’m all tingly just thinking about it.

Anyway, it’s a little heartening to think that all of those fights (and the loot) that I’ve been looking at as an “I’ll never see those” sort of thing is beginning to look more like an “only a matter of time” sort of thing. All in all a pretty good weekend, but for some reason I just didn’t get all that excited about it.


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