Druids Update

Today my sister and I ran our first instance with me tanking and her healing (on the druids): Halls of Lightning. Everything went pretty well for a first run. There were a few close moments, but we didn’t panic and we used our CDs and weathered the storm. There were a few times that I lost aggro to a dps (either because they did a high-threat AoE like Death and Decay the second I pulled, or because they were opening fire before I closed in on the pack) but all in all I kept threat most of the time and was quick to regain threat when this happened. I think with a little more practice and a little more gear I’ll be able to handle situations like this one much better. It also probably didn’t help anything that I had just dinged 79 and hadn’t had a chance to visit the trainer since 77, and all of the dps were 80s. My own fault on that measure, but even with a few abilities at less-than-max rank I did a pretty good job of keeping stuff off of the dps and nothing bothered the healer. All said, though, it was a pretty good group. Everyone was good about following instructions, nobody got impatient, and (a point of pride for us both) nobody died. Not even when I goofed up and pulled the first boss while he was still super-charged.

Oops. Anyway, I felt incredibly nervous at first, and after the way I goofed up the boss I was quaking in my furry leather boots. I remember sounding quite dejected as I conferred to my sister over skype that I was not going to like tanking. But after that rocky start I got settled down, developed a rhythm and things got in the groove. I tried to settle on a nice, brisk pace, making sure everyone was able to keep up and I think we managed it pretty well. We didn’t stop to top-off health and mana until the final boss pull, but we didn’t pull stupidly large packs, either. Anyway, I think it was a good pace, and nobody complained about being too fast or too slow, so I think that was good. At any rate, I got over most of my nerves about tanking something for real on the bear, and I’m willing to wade out there and try it again. By the end of the run I was having a pretty good time and I think (hope) everyone else did too. At the very least, I managed to give everyone a PUG run with a polite tank. Perhaps soon I’ll be able to deliver polite and competent. I certainly had more fun tanking on the bear than on the DK, but the more I tank on the bear, the more I want to give the DK another try. On the other hand, I’m still a  bit nervous about PUGs. I hate the threat of rude people hanging over me. I may tank a few “private engagements” with friends and such before seriously offering myself out there on the PUG circuit.

Oh, yeah, and shortly after our first run, we dinged 80. Huzzah! That’s #8. Next on the agenda: heroics!


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