Druid Update

My sister and I got our druids to 78 today. Didn’t I tell you that the levels fly by? We just play them a bit here and there and *boom* the levels smack us in the face. She’s hoping to get them to 80 before the end of spring break (this week). I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be too hard to get them there by the end of tomorrow, if we actually sit down and play them.

We’re both getting excited about the prospect of dinging 80 and starting in on the process of getting them that beautiful, beautiful T9, and her bf, an ICC-25-geared tank, has agreed to help us out by running randoms with us. This leaves me shifting gears, since I’ve been leveling as a bear. I’m pondering on whether to respec cat, just dps in cat form in my regular tanking spec, or just drop the 1k and dual-spec him. If I do dual-spec, I’m torn as to what I will want to do. I’, pretty sure I’d like to keep a bear spec, but I don’t know which of the other 3 specs I’d want to go with it. They all sound so appealing. I’d love to level another druid and dual-spec them both so I could have one of all four specs, but I’m out of toon slots and I don’t really want to delete a toon, especially since this will be #8 at level 80.


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