Sunday Raid

Today’s raid went pretty well. We downed Marrowgar and Gunship in one go, and two-shotted Deathwhisper (take one had a bit of a miscommunication regarding burning the shield vs. burning down the adds). We even managed to get a working strategy for the rotting frost giant that has been giving us fits, managing to get him down in one go, as well. Unfortunately we only had time for one attempt at Saurfang, who we didn’t defeat.

I’m kind of liking the change of pace with the paladin healing versus the priest healing. We aren’t having as many problems with tanks now that we have an honest-to-goodness tank healer. Additionally, several people have commented that I don’t dies as much on my paladin as I do on my priest. (In all fairness, half of that is just that I’m familiar with the fights now, but a good chunk of that is good old-fashioned paladin durability, too.)

Still more grumbling about never getting past Saurfang, but once again, no one seems to understand that allowing 2-3 hours per week isn’t going to get us much of anywhere, especially when we lose so much of it to tardiness, early exits, bio breaks, and the like. With any luck we’ll start getting a boss or two down on Saturday’s run, meaning that we won’t have to start over on Sundays. This would help us greatly, but it also means that some people are going to have to take Saturday a little more seriously. We have several people that don’t show up on Saturdays, but are the first to complain about the lack of progress on Sundays. If I were a little less polite I might point out to them that they could help themselves out in that regard.

The paladin is performing admirably, in my opinion, and doubly so judging by his gear (he still has 200-219 gear in the majority of his slots).


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