Druid Update

We’ve got the druids up to 76, now, which feels really good considering how little we’ve been playing them. When we do get down to it and just play the levels zip right by at an astonishing pace. I wonder if maybe we’re putting off on leveling them so much for the exact reason that it goes so quickly and some part of us doesn’t want it to be over. Druids are an amazingly fun class to play, especially when your partner can do all the same OP druid tricks that you can. Shadowmeld -> Swift Flight Form is so fun it should be a crime.

I’m still having a blast as a bear. Finally, a tank that feels like a tank. Also, I feel like I’ve been too kind to some of the PuG tanks I’ve come across about their 18-19k health pool in heroics. My bear is sitting at around 18 k at level 76 in random quest greens and blues that are mostly unenchanted.  I know, I know, bears are effective health (EH) tanks (aka “soak tanks”) but the HP difference isn’t that big. Especially when you gem and enchant for a better balance of stats (like I do) rather than stacking stamina (like you’re “supposed to”). Socket bonuses make me happy, I just can’t help it.

Level 75 may well have been the most fun of any level yet. The bulk of our XP came from all of those joyous group quests in Dragonblight and Zul’Drak. All of the Dragonblight quests went down like a joke. There were some tense moments in the arena with the Champion of Anguish quests, but we managed to get them down with a minimal of fuss. In fact, we did them twice (once with her summons through completion and once with my summons through completion) just because it was so much fun and the xp for killing the big bad guys was pretty comparable to questing, anyway. The best part was that the second time around we were being watched by a pair of hordies – one 79 and one 80, who were just watching us go – presumably to see if we could do it, since they hadn’t lifted a finger to help us. The 80 paladin even did a “lol” emote when we downed the final boss. I took this to mean a bit of a “well-played, sir bear and lady tree, I fully expected you to die quick and painful deaths.” Then again, maybe he was just being an ass, but who cares. It was a good time.


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