Saturday Raid

So I finally got the paladin enough gear to be officially ICC-ready (barely), so I went on my first ICC run today and it was really awesome.  We did two trash clears, and on the second one I was solo healing. I did have a few deaths here and there, but no wipes, and not an extraordinary number of deaths, either. There was a bad pull or two, but we always managed to save the wipe. In fact, nobody even noticed that I was solo healing until we lost both rogues on a pull and then the other healer (who had switched to her hunter) pointed out that I was solo healing it and it’s not like I overgear the content, either. At that point everyone seemed pretty impressed, which made me pretty happy. Sadly we couldn’t down the boss on our only attempt, but I wasn’t all that surprised. Even though the second healer switched back and we had 2, I wasn’t expecting too much out of the attempt. Healing on a paladin is the polar opposite of healing on a holy priest. It takes some adjusting to get used to the different styles, not just for me but for those healing with me. Besides which, at our current gear levels, 3 healers is much nicer on most boss fights.

Anyway,  the more I heal the more I love healing. I can’t wait to get some more upgrades on the paladin and see what he can *really* do. This experience has set the bar pretty high.


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