Weekend Raids

This weekend was sort of blah. We only got in two weekly raid runs, instead of the expected three, and our Saturday ICC run was delayed, then canceled. Sunday went about as well as could be expected. We cleared up to Saurfang, but we got in no attempts on him this week. We were slowed slightly by a couple unsuccessful attempts at the rotting frost giant, but the actual boss fights went relatively well.  Sadly it was a bit of the same old same old that shaved our raiding time down to about 2 hours. The noon pull keeps happening closer to 12:30 because people are signing on at raid time instead of being ready at raid time. So naturally by the time everyone comes online, gets their summons, gets into vent and we all do buffs it takes a while. And then people start having to bail around 2:30 and either we don’t have the right type (i.e. tank or healer, but usually a tank) to replace them or there are just too many to replace and the raid gets called. The other thing that is, rather annoyingly, slowing us down is the veritable carousel of a raid roster. I don’t just mean trading out for alts, because at least on an alt you have some idea of how the fight goes, even if there’s some adjustment to a new class or role. What I mean is that each week brings us a new face that is almost certain not to last more than a week or two and there are a bunch of people that will show up roughly every other week. I’m trying not to be too judgmental because I’ve missed some days, too, but I try to keep them to a minimum. I know a lot of people are starting to get a bit frustrated by our lack of progress in ICC, but I wonder just how much they expect to accomplish in ~2 hours of raid time per week.


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