Fail PuG of the… Whatever

I keep calling these posts “fail PuG of the day” but I don’t update every day, and come to think of it, it doesn’t make sense to call it “of the week” either since some weeks have none while others have several. Anyway, that’s all beside the point. The point is that the fail PuG of today is brought to you by the magical, mystical melee mage of Akama.  You heard me right. This mage was so unbelievably, irresistibly fail that he cast a grand total of 2 spells from range. No, I’m not kidding. His favorite tactic was to run into melee range and jump around while spamming arcane blast. According to recount, this accounted for 65% of his total damage done (and this is in the Oculus, where his drake should be the biggest damage source by far). He also had a habit of parking himself between the tank and the mobs while spamming (if he ever stopped jumping, it was usually directly in front of the tank. This despite (or, probably because) the tank asked him twice and I asked him an additional time, to kindly keep his clothie behind out from in front of the tank. The stupid mage was #2 on the damage taken list, only barely being edged out by the tank, who thankfully was quite handy with taunts as well as being decent on aggro. The mage’s performance was so terribad that it could not have possibly been mere noobery. This is someone who purposely set out to do as piss-poor a job as possible with the intention of griefing the party: there was simply no other explanation for it. This sort of behavior always befuddles me. You seriously have nothing better to do with your life than to try to cause grief to total strangers? Well, anyway, I had half a mind to just let the jackass die and tell the tank to move on without his minuscule addition to the dps, but some little voice inside my head just won’t let me do it. I’m the healer, and nobody dies on my watch if I can help it. I seriously need to work on that.


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