Weekend Raids

Saturday’s raid was a bit of a let-down. I got things off on the wrong foot by getting confused about the time. Apparently the new (and preferable, IMO) 11:00 am raid time was supposed to be for Sundays only. Saturdays are still 8:30 am. Additionally, we were just doing rep runs and quite a few people had brought undergeared alts. Oh well, it’s just trash and everything went okay, anyway.

Sunday’s raid was kind of a wash. We took several more attempts than usual on most of the fights. This was a combination of some undergeared and inexperienced players (in one case, the new tank was both on his first run and pretty undergeared), which I can live with, and some extraordinarily bad luck (which is harder to take). We had some of the absolute worst luck with bone-spikes/coldflames on Marrowgar. One particularly bad streak had all three healers getting spiked, two of them back to back and both getting pegged by coldflames shortly after being spiked. Sadly, there was also some of that poor group composition rearing its ugly head again, too. Our raid is extremely physical/melee heavy. As is becoming a custom, we’re having to trade out a resto druid for a spell-casting alt in order to even have a caster for deathwhisper’s adds. We cleared through Gunship again (looks like we can count on having those three down pretty consistently) but didn’t even have time for an attempt on Saurfang before people started bowing out. I’m hoping we’ll get to the point where we can farm the first wing on Saturday and start working on some of the harder bosses on Sundays. As it is, having 2-3 hours isn’t getting us very far and it’s starting to get frustrating.

The other thing that is becoming extremely frustrating is that I’m still being asked to tank heal pretty regularly. Despite my constant explanations that holy priests are the worst tank healers in the game (and it’s not exactly a close race, either) I keep getting put on tank assignment, and almost always the toughest assignments (the undergeared tank, the tank who will be taking more damage, etc.). I’m trying to look at it as a testament to their faith in me as a healer that I’m the “go-to” guy on these types of assignments, and also that my performance seems to have inspired the myth that my gear is better than the other healers’ gear. Despite some pretty heavy upgrades the last few weeks, my gear isn’t the best (of the 5 healers we rotate in, mine is the 3rd best), and the druid healer that is my usual partner is one of the two that outgear me. But gear scores aside, it’s starting to get to me. Even when I succeed, I’m left feeling mentally and emotionally drained. I don’t think any of them quite understand just how much holy tank healing has been decimated in recent patches, and the amount of effort and concentration it takes to pull it off. It’s just so frantic, you’re constantly casting as quickly as you can, trying to get the next spell off before the tank takes another big hit, you’re blowing every CD you have in a desperate attempt to keep the tank alive, and despite all that sometimes your success is still going to come down to RNG. Knowing all of that and watching the tank’s healthbar dip lower, well, that just plain sucks.


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