Alt Updates

Finally getting some gear on my mage and paladin.

My mage just got his 264 frost cloak, and now has enough triumph emblems to purchase a new emblem piece from the vendor. I just need to sort out which one will be the biggest bang for my emblem buck. It’s looking like it may be the ring followed shortly after by the wand for a total of 60 emblems. Otherwise, I’m looking at either the robes or legs for 50 emblems.

My paladin is closing in on his emblem cloak, too, and should have it before next weekend. I’ve also got nearly enough triumph emblems for a new piece of paladin gear. It’s looking like the massive int trinket may be my best purchase at this time, though originally I had planned on getting either the legs or helm. Now that I’ve got my hands on the nice 245 crafted bracers, too, the paladin’s healing gear is really starting to shape up.


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