Hot Streak!

I was beginning to despair about my chances of ever getting the 226-badge-clone necks on my alts. So tonight I figured I’d start sending in my alts, in the hopes of helping out some friends who wanted the pet and the mount (and hey, if I can get the gear at the same time, huzzah!) to 3-man it. And I hit an unbelievable lucky streak on the necks. My rogue had two unsuccessful goes, including one in which I accidentally bugged out the boss and reset him. So I traded in for my hunter. My hunter had his go: agility neck. My warlock had his go: spirit neck! My priest has his go: spirit neck again! So I’m feeling pretty greedy and bring my rogue back for one last go: bingo, agility neck again! I got all of my alts their much-needed necks in one night. I still can’t believe my luck.


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