Saturday Raids

Today was an ok day for raids. Got 2 alts through the weekly raid and those delicious, easy emblems. Hope to get at least one more alt through tomorrow, since the paladin didn’t get to go yet and he’s the one I was most worried about.

We cleared all the trash up to Marrowgar in ICC 10, but we couldn’t get him down. Not a big surprise considering that we had only 2 healers and one was undergeared, to boot. Not sure, but I think some of the dps were a bit undergeared, too. Oh well, tomorrow’s run should go better, I expect. On the down side no save means we’ll have to clear the trash again. On the plus side, I could use the rep.

We downed the frost boss in VoA after a few attempts. Once again, we needed strong tank healing and were left a little wanting at that position. I’m really hoping to get the paladin raid-ready soon. He’d be perfect for situations like this.


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