Random Updates

  • My gearing of the paladin is still going slowly. I have almost enough triumph emblems for my first piece of t9, now. One more run ought to do it.  Also, I finally have enough mats for the lovely i245 sunforged bracers. I just need to find a BS with the pattern. (Also, I need to get over the butterflies about purchasing a “big-ticket item.” Especially since the only thing I had to buy was the crusader orbs and I managed to claim all 4 for roughly 800g total. 800g and some stuff you had laying around anyway is a very reasonable price for an i245 piece.) So very shortly my paladin’s gear will take a nice leap forward. Not all the way there, obviously, but replacing a blue i187 chest with an i232 epic is a huge step in the right direction. Replacing some i200 bracers with a i245 is nothing to sneeze at, either. I still need a trinket (either Tears of the Vanquished from ToC or the Talisman of Resurgence from emblems would be a nice upgrade) and a necklace (which hopefully I can get from the holiday boss instead of spending emblems) and naturally the rest of the emblem i232 gear, but it will be nice to finally have a result to show for all the hard work.
  • My priest finally got his Ashen Verdict rep ring, which was a very nice upgrade for me. Replacing a 232 dps ring with a 251 healing ring is always nice. It’s a minor thing but replacing poorly itemized gear with properly itemized gear makes the upgrade seem much bigger than it already is (and going from 232 to 251 is already a pretty good upgrade, so reclaiming the wasted points is icing on the cake).
  • My mage was lucky enough to get the Blue Drake mount out of the Oculus. That thing is simply gorgeous. Additionally, he is edging closer to having enough emblems to get some new t9 gear. I think I’d like to switch him back to a Fireball with Torment the Weak spec as soon as I can get some better gear. I think that may perform better (or at least more consistently) than my current Frostfire Bolt set up, which was always intended to be a stop-gap measure, anyway. Finally, my mage got his explorer. Yippee.
  • The Love is in the Air Holiday is going reasonable well. My two main characters are down to just a few remaining steps and my third is well on his way. I’m reasonably confident that I can get the title on all 3 of them, and I may even consider getting it on all 7 of my 80s, maybe even see if I can finagle a way to get it on my 72 druid. I know at the very least I’d like to try to nab one of those free 226 necklaces that drop from the holiday boss for each of my toons that still need one (one for each spec on a few toons, if I’m lucky).

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