Time for a change?

Well, now my priest is about as geared as he can be without running ICC 10 for upgrades, so my mind has turned towards alts. I’ve been asked to tank heal with some frequency, owing to the fact that our group doesn’t really have a tank healer. Now, I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to tank heal with a holy priest but it can be quite frustrating, especially if your gear, spec, and glyphs are intended for raid healing (i.e. more about regen and increasing targets than improving speed and throughput). Anyway, I’ve got an 80 Ret/Holy Paladin already waiting in the wings, but his healing gear isn’t good enough for ToC or, well, anything, really (even Ulduar would be iffy).  I’ve been considering starting to focus on him in my badge runs until I can get the basic 232 pieces from the badge vendor. I mean, if I’m going to have to break rocks, I might as well use a jackhammer, right?

This leaves me with just one problem… by my reckoning it’ll take roughly 60 heroics to net me the badges I need. With random heroics being kind of iffy as a healer (I certainly can’t carry an undergeared party like I can on my priest and certain heroics are AoE intensive which is also bad) and dps queues taking practically forever (15 minutes in the queue is looked on as “not too bad” because it can take 30 minutes or more) I’m sort of left without an option for quick badge runs. I’m sort of at the mercy being able to find a tank to run with and that just hasn’t been happening lately. I’m afraid that it could take a month or more to get all of it together at the rate I’m going.


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